Passover goats

When the Passover lamb can be… a goat?

I never read THAT before – and I know what you said is wrong.

Sometimes you just know what the bible says – except that you don’t. Case in point, someone asked me why you could have a Passover Goat. Of course I knew this was not possible, but they insisted their version said it was ok. I checked. It was ok. Clearly I have trust issues. I then checked another version (I have a lot of trust issues). It also said goats were in. However, as a Christian, I know full well that the Passover meal instituted by Moses as the final act of the Exodus had to be a lamb. The New Testament only ever talks about a lamb because Christ is the lamb of God and our Passover. Obviously the language of Exodus 12 is the same. Except it isn’t. Sometimes we think we know the Bible better than we do (my apologies to those of you who already knew this).

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