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Jesus and the woman of Sidon

Jesus interaction with the Canaanite woman with the seriously ill daughter can appear harsh and out of character. However Jesus was simultaneously elevating the woman and demonstrating the paucity of the racist and privileged entitlement his male disciples displayed.

Discipleship and Human Flourishing

Genesis 1 establishes that God brings order and creates conditions for humans to flourish. Rather than a completed work, creation is handed over to humans who are tasked with continuing the work of pushing back the darkness and providing for humans. This was the spirit of the Sabbath and is the essential work of the […]

The 7,000 year plan of God

The 7,000 year plan ties end time prophecy with the days of creation to build an appealing and elegant model of God’s plan with the earth. The idea has a long history – surprisingly long. Is it Biblical? As attractive as the idea is, the continual revisions to the timelines and lack of explicit Scriptural […]

Jesus – our best view to God

Jesus is the most important revelation of God.  The Lord Jesus Christ should be the basis of our faith.  Jesus is the whose steps we want to walk in.  Jesus said that knowing the only true God and the one he sent – Jesus – is the basis of eternal life in John 17:3.  I […]


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