Parable of the Soils

It is quite common to refer this popular parable as the parable of the sower.  Yet the focus is not on the sower.  Guelich[1] suggests the parable of the seed is a better option.  He notes the seed on the path, stones and thorns are singular (in both Mark and Luke) and then we have […]

Faith in hospital

Apparently curiosity killed the cat.  It nearly killed my faith. ·From 2009 to 2014 my faith was in a challenged place. I had questions I could neither answer not ignore. It was neither easy or fun. Two things kept me alive.  I was convinced 2,000 years ago there was an empty tomb outside of Jerusalem. […]

The Way or The Truth

It’s easy to imagine we have arrived, that we have reached peak understanding.  Many in our community talk about “The Truth” as if we have arrived at a complete understanding.  But that is not what Jesus calls us to.  We see in the Bible shows discipleship means growing and sometimes obtaining new insights into God.  […]


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