Should Disciples Protest?

I believe when Jesus said disciples were to be a light to the world and the salt of the earth this means more than studying the Bible behind closed doors.  It means we make a difference and are known to shine God’s care for the poor and disadvantaged into the world. 

The promise to David and the son of David

The promise to David in 2 Samuel 7 and the term “son of David” are important aspects of the gospel as the apostles taught it. But the meaning of the promise to David grew over time through the Old Testament to ultimately be about a Davidic Messiah – a hope crystallized in the inter-testament period.

Discipleship and environmental concerns

In 2007 the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd declared climate change was the great moral challenge of our generation.  Several changes in Prime Minister and Australia is perhaps only now starting to build the political will to address the massive consequences of our collective unsustainable consumption.  As a disciple this is a subject of interest…


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