Parable of the 10 Virgins

The parable of the 5 wise and five foolish virgins is a well enough known parable.  It is found in Matt 25:1-13.  The parable provides ample opportunity for reflection as it asks searching questions of readers.  Such questions can be blunted by overuse of analogy.  What was Jesus saying to his listeners?  What does Matthew want his readers to learn?  The parable concerns the coming of the kingdom of heaven.  But what are we to make of it’s many elements?  The sleep of all virgins, the oil, the lack of spare oil, late night merchants and final rejection of the 5 foolish virgins?  How much should we take from this parable?

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Junia the female Apostle – Romans 16:7

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Was there a female apostle?  Over time English translators have offered up differing opinions.  Romans 16:7 has Paul greeting Andronicus and Junia and calling them famous among the apostles.  Because of debate over the roles of women in the church Junia’s gender and role is debated.  However there should be no debate.  She was a woman and an Apostle.

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