The Exodus – a cross-disciplinary perspective

Egyptologist James Hoffmeier remarked that in response to the question “do you think the early Israelites lived in Egypt and that there was some sort of exodus?” posed in a survey sent to a group of randomly selected Egyptologists, of twenty-five, nineteen answered ‘yes.'[1]

Hoffmeier’s anecdote appears in the the proceedings in the 2013 conference “Exodus: Out of Egypt – Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Archaeology, Text, and Memory” held at the University of California San Diego. Featuring leading experts in Egyptology, archaeology, Biblical Studies, and other related disciplines, the conference provided a cutting-edge look at the evidence for a historical basis to the Exodus tradition in the Bible.

As well as the book, the videos[2] and the conference website are available for those who want to take a serious look at the seminal event in the history of Israel.


  1. Hoffmeier, James K.; “Egyptologists and the Israelite Exodus from Egypt” in Thomas E. Levy; Thomas Schneider; William H.C. Propp (Eds) “Israel’s Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective” (2015: Springer International), p 205

Author: Kenneth Gilmore