Living Faith Study Day 2019

A gathering for those exploring their relationship to faith, the Bible, and community – Four thought-provoking topics packaged in short talks, with ample time for questions and discussion.

Main Sessions

Jesus’ Resurrection – Foundation of Faith

We began the Living Faith Study Day 2019 with an overview of the arguments for Jesus’ resurrection – the foundation of our faith.

Genesis in Context: Creation in the Ancient Near East 

Next we spent some time considering the similarities and differences between the ancient Near Eastern creation myths and Genesis 1.

Christian Ethics and Social Justice: The Gospel of the Human Jesus

We then looked at how the nature of the biblical text requires us to base our ethical code on the example of Jesus.

Divine Violence: the Conquest of Canaan

Finally we looked at the problem of Divine Violence through the lens of the Conquest of Canaan.

Lightning Talks

As well as the four main sessions we also considered a number of topics in the format of short talks lasting around 5 minutes.

Living with Doubt

Listening and Communicating Effectively

Deconstructing without exploding

Levels of Abstraction