7 Strange Citations in the Scriptures

Sometimes scripture doesn’t work the way we expect it to. A great example of this can be found in seeing what scripture cites, and how it cites it. If we follow up some of the citations we come across in the pages of the bible we sometimes find ourselves in unexpected places, reading unexpected things.

Some of the citations we come across can undermine our expectations of how the scriptures work. And that’s a good thing :) Let’s allow the bible to show us how it works rather than approach it with preconceptions about how it should work.

We’ve put together this infographic that showcases seven of these strange citations in the scriptures:

Author: Nat Ritmeyer

Nat lives in London with his wife and son. His main interests are the Ancient Near Eastern background to the bible, the Iron Age I period, and travelling through the Modern Near East. He is also scared of geese.