Seers, Prophets, and Lexical Change

Samuel remained Samuel, but the word used to describe him did not

The book we call the Bible was written over the space of hundreds of years. Given this huge span of time we’d expect to see change in the way language is used throughout its pages. And we do. Continue reading “Seers, Prophets, and Lexical Change”

On loving theology more than people

Missing the point by making doctrinal purity an end in itself

Currently, one of the hot topics in the Evangelical world is Hank Hanegraaff’s conversion to Orthodox Christianity. Hanegraaff, who has been running the apologetics organisation Christian Research Institute since 1989 is best known as the “Bible Answer Man” for the podcast series of the same name joined the Orthodox church on Palm Sunday.

His decision has created considerable controversy among Evangelicals, with some evangelicals declaring that he had left Christianity. Continue reading “On loving theology more than people”